Time lapse in a time lapse

Here is the Shuttle Pod in action with the Cine Drive system. Probably the worlds most portable pro. grade, 6 axis motion control system in the world. The time lapse ended up being broken into 2 parts, the exterior sunrise and the interior. The two shots were then blended together in the composite. I think we shoot that sunrise 7 times before getting the result we were looking for, I love the morning light. When was the last time you saw a sun rise?

Blue Blood

We got invited to “Blue Blood”, not to eat the $250, 4oz steak! Yeah, that would be nice, but we were the first the shoot there, a week  after they opened, Prince would have approved ; )

Alaska or Bust

And for our next magic trick we will turn this dump into a beautiful Alaskan wilderness. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out as a flight to Alaska wasn’t in the budget…this time! 🙂


The camera path is automated, and you guest it  ” there is an app. for that!”

P1020073_BLOGPatrick sweats it out while the snow (paper pulp) is set up, it was actually raining while we shot this segment.


In this mock-up a digital double stands in for Patrick, to test the environment.

Spring Training

Got the chance to experiment with the beautiful Magnolia Stellata (star). Tested some time lapse setups and the under slung mode, for a classic overhead perspective. Mr Super Beetle made a cameo appearance, working with insects requires a lot of patients. Here are a couple of stills from the 650 Gigs of footage we shot.




VR and The Empathy Machine

OK, we all know how much smart phones have changed the way people work and play the world over but is this (see below) the future/evolution of all digital media, from art and entertainment to … Read more →