Time lapse in a time lapse

Here is the Shuttle Pod in action with the Cine Drive system. Probably the worlds most portable pro. grade, 6 axis motion control system in the world. The time lapse ended up being broken into 2 parts, the exterior sunrise and the interior. The two shots were then blended together in the composite. I think we shoot that sunrise 7 times before getting the result we were looking for, I love the morning light. When was the last time you saw a sun rise?

Epic Adventure

Wow, this was one crazy, creative test shot. The best way to learn is to do and boy did we learn, with a total environment replacement as illustrated here in a split screen showing the before and after of this 50 sec. tracking “reveal” shot. See the final video on YouTube .

450lb’s of Fun

Looking forward to shooting lots of Video in the Rockies this Winter. It’s going to be a great learning experience and hopefully a regular event.  Tip: When you can’t decide what to leave behind order a 2nd skid ; )

Magnolia Time

I love these flowers but they responded very slowly to light and temperature, look closely and you can just make out the flowers expanding as the morning passes.

Blue Blood

We got invited to “Blue Blood”, not to eat the $250, 4oz steak! Yeah, that would be nice, but we were the first the shoot there, a week  after they opened, Prince would have approved ; )

Follow Your Focus

I’ve been waiting for more than 2 years for this incredible follow focus from Bright Tangerine and by pure luck I’m the first person in Canada to own one, thanks to Fusion Cine in Vancouver, I nabbed the first unit they got, “Sorry Guys”!


Fall Magic

Sean Mulcahy make these Birch look spiffy for a late fall creative last year on the Toronto Islands. We got lucky with the weather and shot late. Having the battery operated LED LitePanels was great for this kind of shoot and the shots look sweeeet!


New Diggs on King East

Less than three weeks ago this space was two units, you can clearly see the division in the wall and beam color. December is probably the toughest month for a commitment from a contractor but some how we did it. The dry walling is almost complete, plumbing and electrical tweaks next, follow by 2 or 3 coats of paint and we’ll be up and running, not a moment too soon

The North light is fantastic, can’t wait for our first food shoot.


Ubisoft’s Over Byte

The printers, painters and photographers that occupied these studio spaces on the fourth floor of 224 Wallace Avenue have been swept aside by their neighboring tenant, the digital juggernaut Ubisoft. With a quarter Billion (yes, that’s a B) dollars in Provincial tax credits they are unstoppable! Good thing I’m moving out at the end of the year ; )  The last 12 years here have been great, but bigger and better things await at the new space on King Street, can’t wait to get going.


Skyy Vodka

These are screen grabs from a video project exploring time lapse and product photography. The Milky Way element took five trips to an observation area West of Bracebridge before I was able to get the desired result. Clouds, ice and midnight dew all had to be over come, and I will never forget the sound of the lonesome freight train as it slowly rumbled  through the landscape of lakes and Canadian Shield, a beautifully evocative sound. The video is part of a larger project due in the Spring, stay tuned!  ; )