Add Value + Save Time

We’re all looking for ways to save time and money so in this video I’m going to share one of the many ways I help clients elevate their brand without breaking the bank. In less than 3 minutes I will demonstrate how new workflows will save you thousands of dollars and streamline your productions making your marketing projects faster and more effective. Please click on the link and join me for this new insight!

Iron Glass

When Russia soldiers burst through the front doors of the Carl Zeiss Jena optical factory during the last days of World War II they weren’t looking for enemy combatants, rather top secret documents which they quietly sequestered back to the motherland. For the next 50 years those blue prints were the key to unlocking the success of the most popular lenses on the planet and changed the vocabulary of photography forever. There was nothing to compare with the dreamy way they captured the world, your parents probably had one on their favorite film camera! Flash forward to the 21st Century and Russia blasts it’s neighbors while Ukrainians busily transform those same lenses into modern, digital video work horses that still have their special, authentic visual style. We received our set recently, thank you Iron Glass our thoughts and prayers are with you!

Leaside Love

Leaside is such a great area, 15 mins from downtown thanks to the DVP, loaded with amenities like major grocery stores, for those last minute pickups, Home Sense and Winners if you need some extra propping alternatives. On warm afternoons the aroma of Cinnamon and Aniseed waft on the gentle breeze. To top it all off there’s unlimited free parking for all our guests on shoot days so there really is no excuse not to come visit.

Here are a couple of before and after shots of the Studio, this was a massive undertaking but Leaside was worth it. : )

Time lapse in a time lapse

Here is the Shuttle Pod in action with Cine Drive, the worlds most portable pro. grade, 6 axis motion control system. This project ended up being broken into 2 parts, the exterior sunrise and the interior, motion controlled element. The motion control allowed us to combine the time lapse motion with real time motion so Jason could performing his song “inside” a time lapsed environment. When was the last time you saw one of those! ; ) These two shots were then carefully blended together so it is impossible to see where one ends and the other begins. I think we shoot the sunrise 7 times before Mother Nature gave us what we were looking for, I love that magical morning light! When was the last time you saw an EPIC sunrise? : ))

Epic Adventure

Wow, this was one crazy, creative test shot. The best way to learn is to do and boy did we learn, with a total environment replacement as illustrated here in a split screen showing the before and after of this 50 sec. tracking “reveal” shot. See the final video on YouTube .

450lb’s of Fun

Looking forward to shooting lots of Video in the Rockies this Winter. It’s going to be a great learning experience and hopefully a regular event.¬† Tip: When you can’t decide what to leave behind order a 2nd skid ; )

Magnolia Time

I love these flowers but they responded very slowly to light and temperature, look closely and you can just make out the flowers expanding as the morning passes.

Blue Blood

We got invited to “Blue Blood”, not to eat the $250, 4oz steak! Yeah, that would be nice, but we were the first the shoot there, a week¬† after they opened, Prince would have approved ; )

Follow Your Focus

I’ve been waiting for more than 2 years for this incredible follow focus from Bright Tangerine and by pure luck I’m the first person in Canada to own one, thanks to Fusion Cine in Vancouver, I nabbed the first unit they got, “Sorry Guys”!


Fall Magic

Sean Mulcahy make these Birch look spiffy for a late fall creative last year on the Toronto Islands. We got lucky with the weather and shot late. Having the battery operated LED LitePanels was great for this kind of shoot and the shots look sweeeet!